CPESN® Pennsylvania PPCN Minimum Service Sets

1.  Ability to perform Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs): Pharmacists providing CMRs must complete required PPCN training.

All CMRs will meet the following standards:

  • Conducted face to face (when possible) in a private space;
  • All medications (including OTCs and herbal) are reviewed and assessed for appropriate indication, efficacy, safety and compliance;
  • Encounter is documented in required technology platform provided by PPCN;
  • All Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs) identified are communicated to the PCP and other appropriate prescriber if applicable;
  • Patient will receive a comprehensive medication list including names of medications, directions for taking, what it is for, goals of the medication, and who prescribed (if applicable);
  • Patient will also receive any applicable recommendations in writing to optimize their therapy;
  • Every CMR will include a telephonic or in person follow up to ensure resolution to any identified DTPs.


2.  Immunizations: Pharmacists should actively screen patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, educate patients about needed immunizations, and should offer at minimum the following immunizations: influenza, pneumococcal (both conjugate and polysaccharide) and herpes zoster as appropriate per patient population. If a pharmacy is unable to provide immunizations at their site (ex. LTC facility or clinic/hospital location or lack of third party reimbursement), they should actively screen patients for needed immunizations, educate patients/caregivers about immunizations needed and refer patients to another provider for these immunizations.